John Maltby

John Maltby trained at Leicester and Goldsmiths originally as a sculptor and then as a potter with David Leach. The Artist draws inspiration from greats such as Paul Klee, Picasso and Alfred Wallis. Since 1996 John started making figurative pieces which are made from stoneware clay and decorated with coloured clays. The pieces are fired to 1220 oC and then a further firing of 750 oC , this creates the unique texture of each piece. John exhibits both nationally and internationally, his work becoming increasingly collectable.

John Maltby ‘Three figures in a boat’ SOLD

John Maltby ‘Winged Angel’ £210 – 6cm x 19cm x 5cm SOLD

John Maltby ‘Bird and Fish’ £295 – 11cm x 30cm x 14cm

John Maltby ‘Queen with necklace box 1’ £160 – 6cm x 14cm x 5cm RESERVED

John Maltby ‘Queen with necklace box 2’ £160 – 6cm x 15cm x 5cm ~SOLD

John Maltby ‘King and Owl’ £320′ – 9cm x 29cm x 10cm

John Maltby ‘Small warrior on horse 1’ £195 – 10cm x 12cm x 7cm

John Maltby ‘Small warrior on horse 2’ £210 – 13cm x 12cm x 6cm

John Maltby ‘Cat box’ SOLD

John Maltby ‘Man, Bird and Fish’ £320 – 6cm x 28cm x 6cm

John Maltby ‘Warrior on Horse 1’ £225 – 15cm x 14cm x 8cm

John Maltby ‘Warrior on Horse 2’ £225 11cm x 14cm x5cm

John Maltby ‘Crazy king’ £295 – 7cm x 22cm x 6cm

John Maltby ‘Warrior on Horse 3’ £225 10cm x 13cm x 4cm

John Maltby ‘Mad King’ SOLD