Lynsey Pickwell

My work is inspired by the everyday and the extraordinary things that I love, and created using a range of printmaking processes … some traditional, some I’ve yet to find a name for!

I believe that art should speak to you, whether it is meaningful and thought provoking, or simply makes you smile, reminding you of a time, place, person or creature that you love. When we put a picture up on our wall at home it means something to one or both of us.

I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the natural world, and find most of my inspiration comes from the wildlife and countryside that surrounds me at home in East Devon.

However, as I rarely go anywhere without my doggy companion and muse – her and her friends tend to feature heavily in my work. As any dog owner knows, they are a constant source of amusement and fascination – the way they unconditionally love and find fun & comfort in the most mundane objects

I only wish that we humans were so easily pleased,the world would certainly be a happier place!

All originals are created using lightfast artist qualityoil-based inks on acid free 100% cotton rag paper.

Archival quality reproductions are available of most of my pieces.