Yo Thom

“I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1973. In 1996 after a degree in English Language in Japan I came to the UK to study three dimensional design at The Kent Institute of Art and Design. After a one year introductory course I chose a BA Ceramics course and obtained a Masters Degree in 2000.

Following my MA I had 2 years of full-time apprenticeship experience with a studio potter – Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery. This is where I was trained as a production thrower.

I have started producing my own work using Shino-type glaze and Celadon. I established my own workshop in Creekside London in 2004. In 2006 I moved to Hackney and started to redevelop my new range of work. I now live in  the beautiful countryside of  Dorset where the landscape provides a great inspiration for my work.

My pots are sold widely in galleries across the UK and Japan. I was selected as a professional member of The Craft Potters Association in 2003.”

“My work is thrown and hand-built functional stoneware with influence from both the UK and Japan, but mostly from Japanese food culture. I try to create tableware which will become clothes for food as Rosanjin* once said. The pottery acts as a background for the food that is served and yet retains a strong personality. The harmony between my tableware and the food is the most important thing to consider when I make. The new Ai (Indigo) range was developed from my love of Japanese Indigo fabric and its traditional patterns.


* Rosanjin Kitaoji(1883 – 1959):